77th richest man in the world dies in Cairo


17.04.2011 by Hassan Shahin

Prominent Kuwaiti businessman Nasser Al-Mohammed A. Al-Kharafi died on Sunday in Cairo at the age of 67 years after suffering a heart attack.


Nasser Al-Kharafi is one of the most prominent Kuwaiti businessmen. He was born in 1944, the son of the late businessman Mohammed Abdul Mohsen Al-Kharafi, and the brother of the Speaker of the Kuwaiti National Assembly Jassem Al-Kharafi.

Nasser Al-Kharafi Group headed major Kuwait’s business group al Kharafi, which was founded in 1976, and includes a number of companies, offering services in the fields of engineering, construction and maintenance, while focusing mainly on the oil sector, water, chemicals and energy.


“Forbes” magazine included Nasser Al-Kharafi and his family on the list of world’s richest people, with a wealth estimated at about US$ 11.5 billion. He was considered the 77th richest man in the world.



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