Pentagon already spent US$ 550 million In Libya operation


30.03.2011 by Ahmed Rajab

The Pentagon said that already spent US$ 550 million dollars in military operations in Libya since
operations have started to overthrow Gaddafi regime 12 days ago. 60% of expenses in Libya operation are in bombs and missiles while the remainder is intended to fund the troops and the costs of combat. The Pentagon has earmarked an additional US$ 40 million for the campaign.

The total reflects high costs, beyond the expenses with daily military operations such as salaries of the troops and the maintenance of ships, according to a spokesman from Pentagon.

The cost of military operations in Libya is small compared the cost of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also raises concerns about the total defense spending in a moment which is expected to raise the U.S federal government a deficit of US$ 1.4 trillion in the current fiscal year which ends on September 30.

Non-governmental groups estimate that the cost of U.S. involvement in Libya could pass US$ 1 billion. The government’s survey does not include the cost of the F-15 Strike plane that fell in territory Libya last week.


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