Algeria Invites German Firms to Invest in Petrochemical and Renewable Energies


14.10.2011 by Rana Khalifa

Minister of Energy and Mining, Youcef Yousfi, on Sunday called on German firms to get involved in more projects in Algeria, primarily in the petrochemical and renewable energy industries.

The call came after the Algerian minister met German Ambassador, Mrs. Jota Woolk. He hopes that German firms will invest more in Algeria, particularly in the energy sector.

The German Ambassador announced that a group of businessmen, in the sector of renewable energy, will visit Algeria in November to explore investment possibilities in this field.

Similarly, Mrs. Nacira Ben Harrath, director of international relations and cooperation in the University of Science and Technology, Mohamed Bodyaf, said slowed progress in the execution of the CCB (experimental solar field) project, is due to the earthquake which hit Japan last March.

They will meet with Japanese experts next November, at the University of Science and Technology. This meeting will discuss the CCB project, which aims to generate and transfer electricity to the north in order to be used for sea water desalination.

The CCB project is the fruit of collaboration between the University of Science and Technology in Ouahran and a Japanese group made up of six universities and two Japanese commissions for international scientific and technological development.


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