Google executive, who helped overthrow the Mubarak government, calls the world to help Egypt to recover its economy


17.04.2011 by Ahmed Rajab

Wael Ghonim, an Egyptian who oversees Google’s marketing in the Middle East and Africa, and who had helped to spark the Egyptian revolt, is now calling the U.S. and the rest of the world to invest in Egypt in order to ensure the success of the revolution.

The countries around the world and companies can help Egypt’s economy to recover after the wave of protests that toppled the Mubarak’s government. He believes that if the world will not help the country it would wrongly transmit a message that the demonstrations did not achieve the desired results and many dictators around the world may think that their governments are in the right way.

“There are definitely risks in investments in Egypt, but the world has to realize that this should not go wrong,” said Ghonim, who anonymously launched a Facebook page that helped to organize the protests that led to the ouster of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. “The Egyptian revolution should not go wrong.”

The revolt has not yet ended, the old regime dropped but it does not mean that the revolt was over, the revolution will only end when Egypt’s economy recover and ensure better conditions of life for its people. Currently the country lives with very high rates of poverty, unemployment, inflation, lack of education and other issues, Egypt is still an undeveloped country.

Ghonim said tourists are slowly returning to Egypt, but in a much smaller amount than before the riots and that their number could grow much more.

“I personally saw tourists last week in Tahrir walking around … in the square. It’s such an amazing spirit,” Ghonim said, talking about the big square in Cairo that was at the center of the protests. “I would say to the American citizens, ‘Come and visit us and see the new spirit of the … Egyptian people.’”

The world now has a certain obligation to help countries in Africa and the Middle East to recover their economies which suffered on account of protests and several decades of support from Western governments to these schemes. The U.S. backed for several decades the Mubarak’s government, sending an annual amount of U.S. $ 1.3 billion in military support. Indirectly the U.S. and other countries are guilty of the very bad situation that these countries are passing and its population.

“I think the world now got sort of a wake-up call from what the people have done and the people who lost their lives to send that call,” he added. “We want to see change in policies; we want to see real change in policies and a completely different way of viewing and dealing with dictators.”


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