Ethics of Swiss French TV channel questioned


03.09.2012 by Hassan Shahin

The public French TV channel in Switzerland TSR has ecently aired a so-called “investigation” report, which criticized the Grinberg Method. In a follow-up to this story, our writer had received exclusive and unique information over the preparation of this report on the Method.
Based on this information, it is evident that a former employee at the Méthode Grinberg stands behind this affair. This woman, who was dismissed over ethical problems, has then decided to “revenge” and damage the reputation of the Grinberg Method and its team members.
As part of her scheme, the former employee convinced some of her associates to be part of this “investigative report”, which included major inaccuracies and manipulations.
According to our sources, the producers at the Swiss TV channel have fully cooperated with the former employee. Thus, it seems the money of the Swiss taxpayers was directed to satisfy the vengeance aspirations of a dismissed worker.
Our writer in France has received several important documents from some associates, who were part of the conspiracy against Grinberg Method, but decided now to expose the truth as they felt guilty. They decided to share with us some of the documents concerning this issue. At this stage and due to editorial and other considerations, we have decided not to publicly publish the entire details of this ordeal and its consequences. They will be published in the future.
Grinberg Method
A recent article in Factiva, a world leading business information and research tool owned by Dow Jones & Company, has provided an over view about the Grinberg Method. It said ” One of the most successful ways to cope with pain is called the Grinberg Method (GM). The GM preaches a methodology of attention and teaches people to increase and focus their attention on their bodies and gain control over them.”
And it continued: “GM sees the suffering that is the result of long-term pain as the consequence of the way people relate to their bodies and the efforts they invest in trying to avoid pain. Although many times people are not responsible for the cause of their pain and cannot be blamed for the situation, they are responsible for how they respond to the existence of pain in their lives.”
It also stressed that ” The GM’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is a direct outcome of the Grinberg Method’s discipline. In fact, it includes elements which appear in other methods and practices as they are moral rights and wrongs that are expected to be kept by any professional who provides a service.”
According to our sources, GM has plans to expand in the near future into the Gulf markets.

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